20 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Turning 30!

Iravai ellu school, college, job antu busy busy ga gadichipoyuntay. 20 to 30 ni gurinchi nuv alochinchadaniki correct time. Ni chetilo money, freedom rendu untay. It is the time to explore and experiment, to know yourself a bit more. So, here’s a list of 20 things to do before turning 30.
1. Get back to your old talents: Chinapud nerchukoni vadilesina knitting, tailoring, rangavalli or mehendi designs….get back to those things whenever you find time. If you don’t have talents like these, not to worry we can learn anything in least possible time thanks to internet and YouTube. Hobbies help you get peace out of your mundane life.

2. Be Adventurous: Try stuff like hiking and bungee jumping. Visit theme parks and try all the mechanical/water rides. Mi comfort zone lonchi bayatapadi bhayaniki exit door chupinchandi.
3. Spend some quality time with your family: 30 ella tarvata mana job illu pillalu antu mana parents tho spend cheyadaniki time dorakapovachu. So give some time for the family that made you who you are today. Take them out for a beautiful dinner at a grand restaurant or to places that they always wanted to go, but they couldn’t.
4. Learn to cook: Maggi doesn’t quite explain how good a chef you are. Learn to cook…not just for your in-laws who are going to be as judgemental as you were with your mom’s cooking…but for yourself. Home-cooked food is always healthier than restaurant stuff. Hostel lo una vallani intiki duranga una vallani adagandi inti vanta goppadanam ento.
5. Follow your dreams: Most of the time, we might’ve settled for a job that is convenient with a good pay, leaving your dreams behind for whatever reasons. Time to work on your dreams and passions before turning your life into a big compromise that you will always regret about.
6. Get a pet: Learn to love some animal/bird with selfless unconditional love. You can always use someone who would just listen and not argue or judge.
7. Shop..shop…shop Kalaniketan lo chusina expensive dress or Kalyan jewellers vari diamond necklace… Go Buy it. Now is the time. Don’t wait for your future partner to buy it and don’t moan about it if he doesn’t.
8. Experiment with your style: Change your hair style…change it again and again. Try different styles, get out of your comfort closet. Kurti, anarkali, Punjabi, western try every new look and observe what suits you and what doesn’t. In future, you don’t have to think twice about any outfit.
9. Be fit: Learn that way that best suits you. Jogging, walking, gym or yoga. Find your thing and put it in your daily schedule. Stay fit. Stay healthy.
10. Learn a new language: We’ve got plenty of languages in the world. Finding one good enough to learn isn’t gonna be a problem. Chinapud nerchukuna Telugu, Hindi, English kani btech lo nerchukuna C, C++ kakunda inkemaina nerchukondi. Watch serials/movies in that language for example: Korean. K pop and Korean serials are pretty famous already.
11. Learn to ride a vehicle: Two, three or four…number of wheels doesn’t matter as long as you feel the freedom of driving them. Driving liberates a woman. Don’t just stick for Activa or Pleasure try Avenger or Bullet.

12. Travel: Get your girls squad and plan outings to local tourist places. Travel with your friends/family or go visit your grand parents alone and spend some time with them.
13. Prank: Scare the hell out of somebody. Make somebody believe a lie for days and don’t miss on the expression of their face when the truth is revealed. You might want to have your shoes on when you see that.

14. Read as much as you can: Try reading the books/novels everybody keeps talking about, if you haven’t already. Bring out the book worm in you. If you are not a good reader, try watching movies of certain genre or era. Find your new favorite author/actor.

15. Learn to fight: Learn self-defense or karate…anything that makes you confident enough to fight for yourself. Not only physically you should be able fight for your opinions and choices when the need arises.
16. Set a goal for yourself and achieve it: Could be career, hobby, any type of goal. Short term goals eh long term goals achieve cheytaniki punadi!
17. Do something absolutely crazy: Something you’d never thought you’d do, and will never try again. The adrenaline rush it’ll give you will be worth it.
18. Fall in and out of love: Fall for someone, only to realise that you don’t necessarily need someone to complete you. You are your own person already.

19. Forgive everyone you’ve held a grudge against so far: It won’t be easy, it never is, but it’s worth it. You’ll feel lighter and happier.
20. Be an absolute child for a day: Get yourself candy, watch a Disney movie, play with dolls and play some hopscotch too. There’s so much more to take away from these things that you imagined as a child.

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