These 4 Young Girls Have Adopted More Than 50 Poor Kids & And Gave Them A Life!


Imagine a world which is completely peaceful and has no attacks or any kind of violence, sounds like an idealistic world. But for 19 year-old “Meghana Dabbara” it is her vision, a harmonious society and where she would work with people who aspire to take this cause forward. She believes that “when there is harmony in the group it not only empowers each and everyone in the group but also empowers the entire group and on a larger scale, the entire world”.

According to her, her vision can become reality by empowering a generation of children with education and raise them with love and respect. The power of education is something that cannot be questioned and if the principles of peace are combined with it then the children can create wonders.

So at the age of 17 she established ‘Make the World Wonderful Society’, an NGO striving towards achieving her aspirations. On the contrary at 17, I just wanted pass my CBSE board exams, the maturity and clarity in her thought is truly to be appreciated.

She has adopted and raised the 53 underprivileged children with utmost respect and love with the hope that this will reflected in their personalities and thereby making responsible individuals who will in turn create harmonious. Apart from the regular curriculum they have yoga, martial arts and values so there is all round development. Her team comprises of Saumyasri Katuri, Khyathi Chodagiri, Pranita Garimella, together these four girls aspire to make the world wonderful.

She has made a mark even internationally she attended the Asia Pacific Future Leader Conference as one of the 150 delegates coming from 13+ countries. Her team also won the ‘The Best Solution for Future’ award. Meghana is also attending the Global Changemakers Conference, Switzerland 2017, where 60 changemakers from across the world come together; her vision has been heard globally too. She is a source of inspiration to everyone who is unhappy with sorry state of affairs of the violent and disruptive society we live in.

Powerful officials like Ramesh Ram ,Deputy Commissioner, Prof. V.S.Rao, founding director if BITS Hyderabad, Ashok Kumar, Superintendent of Police have visited the NGO and have called her work inspiring and the activities they have designed with kids are on par with international standards. She truly is working towards bringing about a change in the present war-threatened world and to restore the peaceful society where individuals can actually trust each other. The organisation maintains a 100% transparency regarding finances, policies and programmes devised .Her objective is to open 2500 centres all over the country by 2023, as hard as this sounds we are sure that the zeal and passion she has she will achieve all of this and more..

We need more Meghanas to make this world a habitable place again.!!

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