17 year Old Hero: How This School Girl Jumped Into A Canal To Save 7 People

Contributed by Jayamadhuri Dandu

The tragic incident that took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi, shocked the entire country. This incident took place on 16th February. The bus was travelling from sidhi to satna. The bus slips off and plunged into a canal leading to almost 50 people death.

Deni gurinchi emundi ani anukuntunara..here comes a 17 year school girl winning everyone’s heart out there. Shivrani Lonia and her brother Ramprasad helped and saved seven people in coming out of water. Aa canal ki dagara lone untuna velu ah accident chusi ventane save chesi chuttu pakkala valaki kuda information andhinchindi. The police who came to that incident appreciated her bravery.

She saw the entire incident. Tanu chusthunapude bus high speed lo vasthu, skid ayi ah speed lone pakkane una canal loki velipoyindi. But without any fear or second thought they got ready and jumped into the canal to save passengers.

Lonia told to reporters that “We saved only seven people, who came out of the bus after the incident”. Inko bad luck enti ante ah save chesina valalo okalu treatment teskuntu chanipoyaru.

Words by chief Minister ShivRaj Singh Chouhan in Bhopal- “I salute the courage shown by shivrani, for not even caring her life and saved the lives.I thank the daughter and entire state is proud of you”!

Asalu accident ela jarigindi ante – ‘driver regular ga vele route lo traffic ekuva undadam tho he choose the short cut and ah bus lo unavalu job applicants exam time avthondi ani..they requested driver to increase the speed’. So  badly the driver lost the control.

Also after the incident passengers tried to break the windows but they failed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a tweet showing condolences and approved Rs. 2 Lakh each who have lost their lives and Rs. 50,000 would be given to those seriously injured from Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

So manaki endhuku le ani alochinche samajam lo ilanti valu undadam chala takuva. So people, just acknowledge her bravery and give her a like of appreciation. Hats off Shivrani!!

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