Meet The 100-Year-Old Freedom Fighter From Vijayawada Who’s An Inspiration To Today’s Youth!


Udumula Ramarao. A name that doesn’t require any special introduction to the people of Vijayawada. You might not know him by his name. But you might have definitely seen him somewhere holding a huge Indian national flag and walking on the roads. If you spend a little amount time with this man, the amount of immense respect you get towards the nation gets doubled. An old aged man, with a Hat on his head, and a shirt that looks like the Indian flag, with tradition ‘panchekattu’ always walks with an Indian flag in his hands. And there is a reason behind it. This man has been wearing this Indian flag shirt and walking on the roads and has been inspiring people for the past 30 years.


A soldier who serves his nation is a patriot. A teacher who teaches his good learnings to the society is a patriot, a dutiful police officer is a patriot. In fact, every single citizen who heart fully does his part in order make this country a better place to live is considered a patriot. These are the words said by Mr. Udumula Ramarao. It is better to not to shout“Desham ante matti kaadhoi, Desham ante manushuloi..mera Bharat mahaan, Bharat Matha ki Jai” everywhere, and actually help people with their needs. And stand by their side in the tough times. These are the sayings this man has given to the youth through his speeches.


The history of this man is not from this decade. When he was younger he even fought for India in the Independence fight with the British along with Gandhi, and Nehru. He has even been in jail for many years because of the protests he participated for India’s freedom at that point in time. He has a family with 3 Sons and 2 Daughters. So he was not just standing as a support for his family, but also for the society that he is living in.


There is a great spirit within ‘Patriotism’. And only because of that spirit we were able to fight with British, whose troops and army were so much bigger than ours. And we as Indians should never let this spirit down. With such a positive spirit when we have conquered a country’s Independence. Then we also definitely deal with problems like Bribing, Dowry, and Unemployment in our country. And just to spread this message out there to the youth of India. This man has been walking for the past 3 decades in Vijayawada. Recently when he was just a few months from becoming a 100-year-old man. He passed away. And in his own words the only way we would see him happy up there is by a being a responsible and patriotic citizen, and learn a thing or two from his speeches/sayings. And that is when his soul would be complete and be happy. Jai Hind.


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