All You Need To Know About Telangana’s Special Village Where Most Of Them Have ‘Secured Jobs’!


Most people who live in this village belong to poor family. And just like every other village, even they had different opinions on various things. But one thought was common among all of them. “The only way our lives are getting any better is by having a secured government job”. And since this village believed in this theory, nearly people of 80 houses among 100 houses have one person with a government job.

If you are wondering which village are we talking about, Gangadevi Paadu, a small village in Penuballi Mandal, Warangal district. All the people who live in this village belong to the Tribal category. They have lived all their lives financially, and economically backward. All the parents worked their soul off, did farming and afforded education for their kids. Respecting them, even the kids studied day and night, managed their time accordingly, and bagged a government job. Some of them are Sub-registers, Police officers, teachers, and forest officers.

Most of the people from villages with a job, generally forget about their hometown. But the people of this village gather around every year at ‘Gangadevi Paaduka’ wish each other with love and affection. And not just they gather around for festivals, they also get together to solve issues in the village like Getting roads done, starting a library service in the village.

There is one more special thing about this village that we need to discuss. The people of this village mostly marry the people only from this village (it’s not mandatory, it’s all up to their wish and freedom). While most the people live in a bubble that ‘good education is only available in cities’. This village is breaking all such stereotypes one at a time and setting a great example.


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