9 New, Kick-Ass Series To Start Watching With Just One Season


Areyy, Oka manchi series cheppu ra oka weekend lo binge kotteyali‘ ani mee friend ni eppudanna adigara.. Edhanna series intersting anipinchi start chedham anukuni.. Chala seasons unnai ra babu, Start chesina ippudu avvavu ani anukoni asal chudaledha.. Aithe ee list mee kosame, Ee list lo unna series anni kothave, Anni just Season 1 mathrame ochai, Anni masth fun ga, intersting ga, bingable untai. So enjaay and Thank us later!


1. ‘You’ on Netlfix

The creepiest series that’ll haunt and scare you from using Social Media. This is the series where ‘hero’ is the villain and you can’t idolise him. Okasari start cheste masth ga binge kottachu.


2. ‘The Haunting Of Hill House’ on Netflix

Horror ante bhayam unnna vaallu already ee series gurinchi vine untaru. One of the scariest series this year. Naku horror movies ante bhayam. But nene pichi ga enjoy chesa, thrills and twists. Ika horror lovers aithe mad aipotharu.


3. ‘Chernobyl’ on HBO/ Hotstar

Just a 5 episode long mini-series about the extremely popular nuclear disaster that happened at Chernobyl, Russia in 1986. The show about a Russian disaster made by Americans will give you insights into how they hid the truth for years and they dealt with such big disaster.


4. ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix

My persoanl faaaaaaavorite series in the list this year. ‘Sex’ ane oka topic meedha intha genuine humor ni create chestaru. Not just humor, Sex ni taboo la chusa mana country youth ki aithe ee series konni episodes deal chese problems chuste avvak avtham. Must must watch.


5. ‘MindHunter’ on Netflix

If you love mysteries and crime detective shows.. You’re gonna love Mindhunter. Season 2 ee August 15th ki vastundi.


6. ‘The Night Manager’ on Prime Video

A stylish mini-series starring Tom Hiddleston & Hugh Laurie, 2 brilliant actors. Oka ex-british soldier kindha meedha padi etla information infiltrate chestadu. Also yeah, This is not an American series, It’s British.


7. ‘The Night Of’ on Hotstar

Deenni already mana India lo Criminal Justice ani remake kuda chesaru. But watch the original one starring Riz Ahmed & John Turturro. First episode lo ne maanchi plot 7 twist undi, hooking ga untadi.


8. ‘Love Death & Robots’ on Netlfix

Ee madhya ochina one of the craziest series. This series is a collection of animated short stories. Chaala genres cover aithayi.. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, The series is so weird that it’s good. Chinna chinna episodes 18 untayi. Okko episode okko trippy experience.


9. BlackMirror Series & Special film ‘Bandersnatch’ on Netflix

Okati kadhu 5 seasons unnai. But the thing is, This is an anthology. Ante every episode lo new story, new actors. Doesn’t matter where you start and stop watching.


Ive kaaka The Boys ani Prime Video lo oka kotha series, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel ani Prime Video lo (Season 2 monna ne ochindi), Fleabag ani Prime Video lo (Same, Season 2 monna ne ochindi.) ila inka konni interesting vi unnai. First ee paina unnavi chuseyandi, Masth bingable. Also ee list lo mee favorite series ento maku kindha comments lo cheppandi.


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