Planning For Masters Abroad? Here Are Some Pro Tips For Writing A Powerful Statement Of Purpose (SOP) !


One of the crucial thing in getting an admission to a foreign school is SOP – Statement of Purpose. Many of us have different doubts in how to write SOP for graduate school, also is there any particular way or format to be followed in SOP writing. Answering all these questions, with the guidance of IMFS, a study abroad consultancy we bring you some tips and key points to be followed in writing your statement of purpose for your masters.

The SOP writing brings out the student’s ability to succeed in the program he/she has elected to study. Hence, while writing the statement of purpose for masters, one needs to underscore these facets in your character. Most universities would want to understand why you may have chosen to study that particular course, what elicited your interest in it. How your interest ensured that you performed well in your exams, how your overall performance in school/ college has left you better prepared to excel in the future. Do not simply list out the names of the courses you have learned, the admission officers can see this via your mark sheets! Rather, talk of just four to five subjects, how they connect to the BS/ MS/ PhD and what you have learnt via them.

If you have completed an internship/ project/ research work, highlight it and explain what you did as part of these activities and how you are now better equipped to handle to pressure of further studies abroad. If you have worked, you may now explain what you have achieved in this period and why you want to quit and study further.

Now connect to the program you want to study further and bring out your desire to learn specific courses/ research under the guidance of the eminent faculty in that university. Explain how you will be a good fit in the program and how you will contribute to the program. Write about how the program will help you succeed in achieving your goals in life and end the SOP with an aspiring statement.

Key Tips

1.Be honest and tell your story in your SOP.

2.Back up that story via hard facts that support your story.

3.Be clear in your statement, what you wish to achieve, why and so on.

4.Remember to customize each SOP to each university

5.Appear and be passionate about why you want to go that university, explain why you will succeed and how you are equipped to achieve your goals.

6.Do stick to the length prescribed by the universities

7.Run a check on the language, spelling errors and proofread your SOP.

Pattern to be followed

– Start the SOP with your story of how your interest took root to study further in your field of specialization. This shall be the first paragraph (Around 150 words)

– Now bring out your qualifications (Your academic success so far). Remember not to simply write names of courses, tell the story of what you learnt and how your interest grew up by learning those programs. (Another 150 words)

– Write in 150 words about your project/ internship/ research/ work. Remember to ensure that you explain what you did, rather than just explain the internship/ project. And connect with the program that you want to study, introduce the reasons you have chosen to apply to that university.

– Talk of your extra-curricular achievements and any social service work you may have done and end with a quotation that inspires you.

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