This Banyan Tree In Andhra Pradesh Holds The Guinness Record For Being The Largest Tree In The World!


Thimmamma Marrimanu is a huge banyan tree located in Kadiri of Ananthapur district, 70km away from Horsely Hills of Andhra Pradesh. This tree holds a Guinness record (in 1989) of being the largest tree in the world. (Tree lovers, it is probably a specimen of Ficus benghalensis). This tree’s branches extend up to 5 acres and is apparently 550 years old. This is a very renowned tourist spot and religious centre as well. The name of its tree comes from a pious woman from 15th century called Thimmamma.

Legend says that she was a very dedicated wife and took care of her ill husband till he died. Then she entered his pyre to perform sati. Later on, a small banyan tree began to grow in that area and villagers named it after this sacred woman. Usually, women have a sentiment that Thimmamma grants them children. So, this temple is also famous among the childless couples who are seeking kids. Also, every year, a big ‘Jatara’ is conducted here on the day of “Shivaratri” when thousands and thousands of people flock here to worship ‘Thimmamma’ on this occasion.

Many people visit this place to worship and relax their soul in the peaceful ambience. The tree itself looks like a mini forest and is a major picnic spot in the surrounding areas. The route to this place is also pretty exciting and gives us a fresh feel. The way which goes through green fields makes the visitor’s ride very enjoyable.


This historical tree has been recently subjected to vandalism. Fearing that the damage may become irreparable, locals and Forest Department have set up specific safety measures to preserve the tree for the future. Four forest rangers have been exclusively appointed to safe guard this tree against destructive elements. With good care, the tree can survive more centuries and pass on the inspiring tale.


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