Samosa App – Bringing Life To Your Text Chats!

Launch Date : Jan/Feb 2015

Brains Behind It : Abhilash Inumella. Abhimanyu Pamulapati. Rahul Reddy Koora.

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Hii..!! Hello..!! Wassupp..!! Ok Bye..!! are just some of the most incredibly boring ways we chat. be it our friend, Our girlfriend, Our Colleague or even Our Family, we are bound to run out of ideas to talk or text something special at some point of time. It is therefore imperative that we need Emojis, Smileys, Gifs etc to spice the conversation up. But then the founders of this innovative media insert startup, had something else in their minds. Hence they came up with Samosa app which makes you say something emotional or just goof around with hundreds of video clips, curated from movies across the nation. Let’s find out more…

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How did you zero in on this particular idea of application….?!

My girlfriend complained that our conversations got boring. I decided to send her romantic audio bites everyday. It took me a couple of days to launch first version it. I then put it up on Google Play store and people started downloading it. Soon i realised the potential for it and made it into a full fledged clip repository.

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How would you say The Samosa App delivers to text communication problems? What makes you stand out in the selected arena?

Text is ambiguous. “Shut up” can be funny or serious depending on the situation. Emojis don’t have as much impact as our tone. To send an irritating message, we must use Sunil’s voice. It simply can’t be conveyed using an emoticon. Audio clips can also be used to diffuse tension; e.g., sharing “I’m very sorry.. annaga vando saari…” song bite is much more effective than simply texting ‘Sorry’.

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Good, but once the idea was established how did you land up funding for it ? Also, how do you procure clips and prepare them?
Any Copyright issues that are taken care of?

We let users upload clips onto Samosa app. We occasionally remove clips when users complain that they’re vulgar. Besides that, it’s mostly community-driven effort.

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A word of advice to someone who wants to make it big in the application development scene today in Hyderabad?

Build products by leveraging aspects unique to our culture. Syllables, sounds, songs, games and stories are unique to every language and culture. Native speakers have innate ability to compose great narratives by creatively employing these tools. Besides the matrimony websites whose core feature is a ‘search by caste’, there aren’t many internet products that leverage culture. I hope to see a lot more products leveraging culture in near future.

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Samosa App:

You’ve heard the theory. Now let’s use them practically and bring life into chats..!!


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