9 S.S. Rajamouli’s Interval Bangs that gave you Goosebumps

S.S Rajamouli needs no introduction, nor do his movies. We all know he is a great director, makes his actors portray emotions well and can pull off magnificent  film sequences to enthral the audience. But what stand out in his movies are the interval-bangs that increase the adrenaline rush in the veins of every fan. We present Jakkanna’s Interval Bangs.

1. “Nenevaro Telusa. ‘HANTAKUNNI’.” This phrase will make any audience sit up straight in his seat.

S No 1

2. If this scene doesn’t bring you goosebumps, nothing ever will.


3. While you are trying pick a side in the Arts vs Sciences fight, this interval-bang just blows your minds away.


4. The scene tells the entire story. Truly Rajamouli is the king of Interval Bangs.


5. Only interval – bang in which Rajamouli might have been overshadowed. ‘Mass Maharaja’ steals the show.

Vikramarkudu CB

6. If you heard anything in a theatre during this interval bang, you are lying. The air is filled with whistles this whole episode.


7. No one was sitting in the theaters during this interval bang. The colours were flowing high everywhere!


8. Just when you thought it’s all over for Ramu, the master says it’s never over until he says so.


9. Out Of Words. Let’s Bow Down and salute the master. _/\_



With a stellar star cast,  you can only dream of what the Master has in store for you in Baahubali. We can’t tell you how excited we are for this interval bang!  Trust us, goosebumps will be a very under-rated word for this most awaited interval bang. 




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