Here’s Why Lamakaan Truly Represents The Unfettered Soul Of Hyderabad And Its Culture!


How often have we stopped and wondered about what similarities we all share? At least in our food? Well, seems a tough one to answer but meet Elahe Hiptoola, a prominent figure in Hyderabad’s theater culture. Besides the fact that she is a true icon for women “EMPOWERMENT” in Hyderabad, she has a genuine love for Hyderabadi food. Elahe and Asad focus on the similarities in culture, food and other aspects of Hyderabad in this exclusive series from “Medium & Rare”, titled “I was here”.


In the first video of the two part “Hyderabad” series, it starts as a discussion about the classic food from this city like Biryani, Nihari, Mandi, Sheermaal, Osmania Biscuits and Irani Chai at the city’s well-known cultural space “Lamakaan” in Banjara Hills. Lamakaan is a hub where the old and new cross paths, known for its various cultural and art aspects it’s also a place where we discover a glimpse of Hyderabad’s soul. Heading over from Lamakaan the video follows to old antiquities & collectables shop – “Mughal Arts” from Masab Tank. This is a tiny shop, ensconced between Dine hill restaurant that dishes out chunky pieces of chicken and a second-hand goods store on the Masab Tank main road.


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