Meet The 22 Year Old Hyderabadi Inventor Who Is The First Asian To Build A “Watermaker From Air”!


Have you ever wondered if you can manufacture water from air? Theoretically, we are surrounded by a lot of water vapor. So why not get some pure drinking water out of it? Now you can, with the help of a device called ‘Dewdrop’ which uses moisture from air to generate water. This was invented by Jawwad Patel, a 22-year-old engineering student from Hyderabad. From a DC generator in Class VI to a Dewdrop he invented so many valuable items. He is the first person from Asia to invent Water maker from air.

The Dewdrop produces pure drinkable water with the the help of a computerized sensor interface with UV filter. In an hour, the device can extract nearly 1.8 liters of water from air.
Earlier he made a smart helmet which has very particular specifications such as “it will warn if the rider drives over speed. If the rider still doesn’t slow down, the bike will slow down automatically. Moreover, if your bike gets stolen, you can get the location on your phone. And if the rider meets with an accident, a message will automatically be sent to an emergency number that has to be previously installed. It will send the location too and it has fail-safes installed for when the rider is drunk. If so, the bike will not start. Even if the rider is using a phone while driving or is smoking, it sends an alert.

Apart from Dewdrop and Smart helmet he also invented ‘Automatic sprinkler machine for farmers’, heat sensors for bathroom showers, automated door lock which can be operated from anywhere in the world among other things.

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