This Unique “GoodWill Store” In Hyderabad Is Helping The Poor With Basic Necessities For Free Of Cost!


This “GoodWill Store” in Hyderabad is doing the exact opposite of what any businesses intends to do and is helping hundreds of families! Usually, businesses are meant to earn profits, make money and help us expand more. But this store is the exact opposite of how business is run. They sell their products for free. “Yes, You heard it, she provides the basic goods to all those in need for free”. The ‘Goodwill’ store set up in Hyderabad by Manjula Pallipoyena in October 2015, does something that we all fail to do or rather neglect. Her store located in Mehdipatnam area is open on Thursdays and Saturdays to all those in need and provides “free goods and basic household things!”.


Intrigued by the plights of needy, Manjula always wondered how they coped up with the increasing prices. It is a big success among the working class and daily waged labourers. The uniqueness of the Goodwill store is that anyone from the underprivileged category and needy can come in and take utensils, clothes, shoes, books etc. for free of cost! Homeless people, migrants and the poor will get all the basic necessities here. Since its launch, this store has been the stop for many poor and needy and has been helping hundreds of families since then.


The uniqueness of the Goodwill store is that everything that’s available here is in good condition and can be used again. She says that the reason behind helping them is because they can’t afford to buy new things. That’s the reason why she makes sure that the item is reusable and can be used by the underprivileged. The clothes which can’t be used again goes to orphanages, where kids make arts and crafts with them.


The working class women who gather here every evening and discuss about issues have also recently started their campaigns in slums to spread awareness among them regarding health and hygiene. The problems they face are collecting and transporting of the goods. Manjula says they need not donate to this particular store itself. She says that she has no problem with people using her idea and setting up stores like this where ever they can. In fact, it’ll even be more feasible for the poor and needy to go their nearest Goodwill store.


To encourage her idea or to contribute to this store contact Goodwill Coordinator Kiran Kumar on 9246583844/9542495579.


If you wish to contribute, mail us at

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