Here’s How This Hyderabadi NGO Is Providing Shelter And Food For Old Abandoned People!


Abandoned Old people living by the road and suffering to extreme climate is always a sad thing to watch. Them being helpless on just their own is surely a moving sight. They stir up the humanitarian emotion lying inside every person. But how many of us make a move and take our thoughts into action? Those are the rare people who stand as a ray of hope in this time. One of such people is A. George Rakesh Babu who started an NGO called ‘Good Samaritans’ and gathering all the poor and needy elders.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, he started a non-profit organisation Good Samaritans India. It initially began as a free clinic to help dress wounds and treat elderly sick people. George was an event manager in the beginning and later with social service as his primary concern turned into a paramedic. This clinic was later turned into a full-fledged destitute home with three branches in Alwal, Warangal, and Aler. It was formally registered as a trust in March 2011 with his co-founders Sunita George and Yesukala. Good Samaritans is basically a very small group of medically trained persons who provide basic care and run a small free pharmacy. They have gathered nearly 300 abandoned and unclaimed people left on the roads everything free of cost.

What made 39-year-old George start this NGO is a very depressing incident. An old pastor who took care of around 40 orphans had no place to be buried after death. George, who had taken care of his health for almost 1 year was deeply saddened by this incident and made a strong decision to start an NGO for poor and dying elder people. The people who work in this NGO are also people who struggled hard in their lives. With around 25 people in the shelter home, 11 of them are adopted by some kind-hearted people. George feels the need of more adoptions of this sort as it not only increases the humanity in people but also stands reassuring for these old souls who are in the dusks of their lives. Good Samaritans have three shelter homes in the two states and is now planning on expanding them to one in each district.

This issue of abandoning the elderly raises questions about apathy in the society. What if there are no people like George who provide them with a shelter and treat them with dignity? This is an underlying question that should be of everyone’s concern. If you wish to contribute to their hard work, visit their Facebook HERE page for details.

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