Eid ul-Fitr Traditions That Everyone Should Know About!


Eid is a time of getting together with family and friends. Especially in our Telugu States, where we have a sizable population of our Muslim brothers, we are all part of the festivities. Today, we present to you the top traditions followed during Eid!


1. “Zakaat Al-Fitr”: Before the first day of Eid, Muslims are obliged to give generously to the needy. One of the five pillars of Islam, this not just about fulfilling one’s religious dues, it’s ensuring that those less fortunate can celebrate Eid ul-Fitr properly.



2. The festival would not be complete without a serious bout of praying. Muslims gather in mosques early in the morning for prayers that see off the end of Ramadan and welcome in the holiday.



3. No holiday season is complete without seeing some long-lost relatives, and Eid is no exception. Visiting your family members is one of the integral traditions of Eid which can make for a very happy family or half an hour of stilted small talk!



4. Who doesn’t like getting presents? No one. Gift giving and receiving (“Eidaat” in Arabic) is a fun part of Eid which everyone can get behind. The spirit of giving runs rampant during Eid Al Fitr, which adds to the connection that many feel to one another during the festival.



5. Clothes are the most common gift given during Eid. Kids get pampered with new wardrobes and it’s an excellent excuse to indulge in some retail therapy. It’s the tradition to wear your new clothes during Eid, to show off your new glad-rags as you visit family members.

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6. Eid is a time for family, and this includes those relatives no longer with us. It is common during Eid for families to visit their departed loved ones and pray at their graves. The family spirit of this Muslim celebration means that even if you are gone, you are certainly not forgotten.



7. Let’s not forget the most important part of Eid ul-Fitr, the delicious food! When families rally round for the Eid, they celebrate the end of the fasting days by eating their country’s traditional dish as their first ‘lunch’. Whether it’s mutton haleem, kebabs or Biryani, the common theme is meat as the mainstay of the meal. A specialty is the Sheer Khurma, festival vermicelli pudding prepared with milk and various dry fruits!



8. No call to prayer called as “Adhan” or “Iqama” is pronounced for the Eid-ul-Fitr prayer, and it includes two rakaat (unit of prayer) with six extra Takbir. The Eid-ul-Fitr prayer is completed by the sermon (Khutbah) and a dua (supplication) asking for Almighty God’s mercy, forgiveness, blessings and peace for all beings all across the world.


Now, that’s what you need to know about Islam’s biggest festival. Eid Mubarak!
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