8 Facts About A Store In Abids That Sells The World’s Most Exclusive Pens!

One step into the store would realize this is no ordinary stationary shop. People at the counter and the salesmen, everyone looks wise and extremely sure about what they’re doing. They don’t hawk or ask you to purchase because that is beneath them. Deccan Pen Store is the stationary for the royals, a collector’s paradise and a shrine for fountain pens. And its legacy of almost a hundred years only helps. Having been the penmen for the Nizams to begin with these guys make fountain pens for the who’s-who of IIndia and abroad because owning an original handmade Deccan Pen is a statement in itself. Now there are some really interesting things we found out about this awesome place and we thought of sharing them with you! Go on, read!
The founder of Deccan Pen Store, Sabih Akhter Siddiqui brought to Hyderabad a leather bag of pens from the Europeon store he used to work for, in Calcutta. He sold these as a door-to-door salesman before starting up a shop in Abids in 1928.


Because most of his customers were Englishmen, he hired his first English salesman in the 1930’s. It’s a big deal because a pen store having that level of swag was unheard of.


It is the 1st exclusive pen store in Hyderabad and one of the three major luxury fountain pen makers of the country.


While the inside of the store was reserved for the posh crowd (this includes the Nizam Royals, Movie actors of the time amongst other elites), the outside was meant for reparations and the sale of common stationary for children.


His store in the early years didn’t allow children into the store as their customers were a sophisticated crowd and Siddiqui didn’t want them to bother the elite.


Being specialists in fountain pens, Siddiqui made a trip to Europe in the 1930s when his business was still picking up, just to buy equipment for the reparation and making of fountain pens. Because, apparently everything about these pens have to be world-class.


Since its conception in 1920s, the art of making and repairing fountain pens has been handed down to three generations and still holds the place of being an exclusive store for luxury pens.


After almost 100 years of establishing Deccan Pen Stores, it still upholds the art of making and repairing fountain pens. They receive luxury pens from around the world for repair and Siddiqui’s third generation still masters the exclusive skill.


Fun Fact! Deccan now houses the Waterman Rising Dragon Limited Edition fountain pens. Now there are only 120 pens in the entire world and Deccan has two of them up for sale. Price on request… Yes, we are curious too, my friend! Look at that beauty!


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