10 Things You Should Be Looking Forward To In Baahubali – The Conclusion!

We’ve watched Baahubali religiously. We have loved Baahubali so much that it has become a part of our job at Chai Bisket. I’ve watched the movie infinite times already and can only marvel at this masterpiece. Now because it is going to be another year before the epic saga continues, we thought we should utilize this time to list out what we should look forward to in Baahubali – The Conclusion based on what we watched in The Beginning. And thinking so much about it obviously gave way to some speculations. So we made a list!!


1. Bhalla finds out about son’s death: A king so power-drunk, possessive and proud; when he finds out about the beheading of his son along with Devasena’s escape will be infuriating. Bhalla’s reaction to this would be worth watching specially with Rana enacting it.



2. Bhalla and Shivudu’s confrontation: Bhalla will find out about Baahubali’s son being alive and his reaction to it. Will it be a deadly calmness or a storm of rage?



3. Reason for Kattappa backstabbing Baahubali: It was a twist that knocked our socks off. The reasoning behind this incident will make the wait for Baahubali – The Conclusion, extremely difficult.



4. Devasena’s Flashback: So far, we only know that Avanthika along with her people are fighting for Devasena’s release. Their connection will be revealed in Devasena’s flashback in the second part. Bhalla’s first dialogue to Devasena in the movie, goes something like, “Nannu oddu anukunnav, vade kaavalanukunnav…”. This probably is the set-up for some love triangle between Devasena and the two brothers in the flashback.


5. Baahubali realising Bhallaladeva’s true face: Baahubali deeply believed that his brother was a good person. He had no idea about his evil intentions. In the second part, we might see Baahubali’s revelation about Bhalla’s true character. But again, Bhalla is smart enough to keep Baahubali in the dark until he is killed.



6. Sivagami’s chase, the Prologue of the Beginning: Baahubali – The Beginning, started with Sivagami being chased with baby(Shivudu/Mahendra Baahubali) in her hand. The background of that scene will be revealed in the second part and we just cannot have enough of Sivagami anyway! Sivagami’s dialogue before her death, “Nenu chesina paapalu…” was something to do with the death of Baahubali.



7. Aslam Khan’s re-entry: Aslam promises Kattappa that he always has a brother to rely on with him. Kattappa probably uses this promise to provide Shivudu with the army he will need to vanquish Bhallaladeva.



8. Face-off between Shivudu and Bhalla: The climax of the epic is got to be epic. When two massive forces will fight each other; when the final battle between good and evil happens; when a kingdom’s fate is decided between tyranny and justice; goosebumps are guaranteed.



9. Vanquish of Bhalla: The end of evil; the defeat of Bhalla, the moment when the chithi that Devasena sets up for Bhalla comes to use; we just cannot wait for that epic moment to arrive.



10. The return of the Prodigal Son:
After the end of Bhalla, the regime of Shivudu begins with demolishing the gigantic golden statue of Bhallala deva and distrubinting it among the people of Mahishmathi, Just the right climax we are awaiting for?



It shall indeed be an end of an era, even for us in the real world.

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