10 Annoying Things Men Do That Women Absolutely Hate!!

Okay so the battle of the sexes never ends, but evari prayatnalu vallu cheskuntu povatame jeevita satyam. So naturally ammailu abbailu are very different species. We know evari quirks vallaki untay. But abbailaki unna konni qualities maku chala chiraku ni teppisthu untay. andulo ivi konni…
Abbaaa! Alright fine!! Not all men… happy?
1. ‘The look’ girls get when they’re walking, waiting, driving, or… existing.
“Idi maa janma hakku,” anna feeling lo iche look. Please… No.

2. Strange man on the road singing at you: Soopinchandeyyy…
Me: Dorikithe Chasthavuuu…

3. Random meaningless complementary compliment on social media.
“Hello, meeru swargam nundi oodi padinapudu dabbalu tagilaya? Add me pls.”

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4. Complaining that women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.
Researched Fact: Men are more than 25 percent as likely to be at fault in an accident. Shut Up!

5. Insisting on paying the bill everytime.
Which is ok in some cases but not because, “ammai chetha bill kattinchanu”

6. “See! You look much better naturally. Why do you even wear make-up?”
Ee natural look ni meeku samarpinchinavaru, Concealer, BB cream, Compact Powder inka Maybelline Baby Lips.

7. They don’t know the difference between peach, pink and orange.
Peach ni pink ni oke color anukuntaru. Assalu how!


8. “You are not like other girls.”
Of course, I am not. No girl is like the other girls.

9. Never notice a new haircut or a new dress.
Which is again ok, but you don’t get to complain if we don’t notice your new expensive shoes.


10. “Are you PMSing!?”
Inko sari nannu evadanna aa question adigthe vadi body lo ye okka angam pani cheyyadu.

Bring in the hate, boys!!

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