This Is How Chandamama Magazine Looked Way Back In 1948!

We have all grown up reading Chandamama. if you haven’t then I’m sorry for you. Chandamama has broadened our visions in imagination as children. And we do indeed owe a good part of our childhood to it. While marveling on the beauty of the magazine, we stumbled upon a collection of Chandamama editions of the year 1948! Years before any of us were born, Chandamama inspired, entertained and taught values to the young generation. Take a look of how Chandamama was, 68 years ago!
To read the full edition click on the month below the pictures.
Sankranthi Special Edition!
Chai Bisket
January Full Version
Seems like not much has changed in terms of childhood fun.
Chai Bisket
February Full Version
Featuring The Man of the Year.
Chai Bisket
March Full Version
Telugu pandagale cover stories!
Chai Bisket
April Full Version
These stories are sure to transport you to another world!
Chai Bisket
May Full Version
Demons, magic, heroes and morals. Just the thought makes us happy.
Chai Bisket
June Full Version
More heroes!
Chai Bisket
July Full Version
Exactly a year into Independent India.
Chai Bisket
August Full Version
What comes in September? Vinayaka Chavithi!
Chai Bisket
September Full Version

Festival Month!
Chai Bisket
October Full Version
Time for more celebrations!
Chai Bisket
November Full Version
The year ends here!
Chai Bisket
December Full Version
Going through these made us feel like we were on a time machine! Tell us how you felt!?

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